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Employer's Reference Manual
A manual for Texas Child Care employers, covering topics such as record-keeping requirements, unemployment issues, and termination.

Hiring Forms
Twelve forms, including application, staff file checklist, interview guide/checklist, interview evaluation, job offer letter, reference letter, reference check forms, authorization for prior employer's release, five powerful interview questions.
Employment Forms
Twelve forms, including wage deduction, authorization, employee warning, exit interview, termination report, authorization for background check, new employee information sheet, employee agreement, termination checklist.
The Model Employee Handbook for Child Care Centers
The most up-to-date and comprehensive handbook designed ESPECIALLY for Child Care Centers could be your #1 defense against costly lawsuits. Complete with 50 recommended policies from which to choose. It is priced at a fraction of what it would cost to write your own or have one written by an attorney.
Conferences on CD
Unable to attend? No problem! All seminars are available for purchase on CD.
Parent Evaluation and Staff Survey $25.00
Dealing with Difficult Children $79.00
Super Seven of Supervision $79.00
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