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Top Ten Great Director Secrets

part 2 

VI) Minimum Standards & Compliance - The Minimum Standards for Child Care cover information regarding every aspect of Child Care. Yet I have been in many Centers where the Director could not even locate her copy of the Standards and the assistant director did not even know that they owned a copy! Flying blind like that is asking for unnecessary trouble. The best way to learn the Minimum Standards is to read them over and over again.  Use a highlighter to highlight phrases and rules that you want to remember or that you want to jump out at you when you look up info. Write notes of clarification in the margins. If the clarification comes form a licensing representative include the date and his/her name and whether you spoke in person or on the phone as well as who initiated contact.  This will be very useful if you ever experience a contradiction from a different licensing rep. If you learn of a simple or convenient way to comply with a complicated or inconvenient standard, write that in the margin, too. This makes your copy of the Standards a useful tool rather than a cumbersome list of do's & don'ts.

VII) MBWA (Manage By Walking Around) - MBWA is exactly what it sounds like - get out of your office and walk around your facility interacting with employees and customers. The best times for MBWA are during morning drop off and (especially) afternoon pick up times. Add to this at least one variable surprise time each morning and again in the afternoon for a total of at least four times per day. MBWA is a great opportunity for you to  observe those "moments of truth" as your employees interact with the children, the parents and each other. Watch, listen, interact and intervene! Be readily available to take care of concerns and complaints while they are still minor nuisances to the parties involved. Be relaxed, pleasant and happy as you set the tone, instead of stressed, hurried frazzled! MBWA positively impacts your employees' attitudes and job performance in powerful ways. They want to see you. They want to interact with you. They want your time and attention. Read more at futurecents.com.

VIII) Schedules - Rule 746.1003 of the Minimum Standards states that the "child care center director must ensure: (1) The child care center's daily operation is administered in compliance with the minimum standards specified in this chapter; (2) All employees comply with the minimum standards; (4) All employees are supervised. Supervision includes, but is not limited to, knowing what the employees are doing and ensuring that they fulfill their assignments and responsibilities." If you, the director, are responsible for what each employee is doing you must have schedules to which you hold them accountable. Schedules ensure that no teacher overdoes it with TV time, no one avoids outside time because the teacher doesn't want her hair to frizz (true story!) , great things are taking place in the classrooms, and everyone gets to participate in computer lab and gym time. You do not want a parent to tell you that little Johnny has not played outside for the past three days or that when she checks in on the web cam - no matter what time of day - the children are always sitting at tables coloring. Schedules also enable you to perform "spot checks" much more efficiently, too.

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"The Secret to Successful Delegating"

IX)Kitchen/Cook - In addition to her regular duties (preparing snacks and meals, keeping the kitchen immaculately clean, etc.), your cook can be one of your very best "right hand" people and a tremendous help to you. My cook enjoyed the title of "Ramrod" and the staff viewed her as their "tough love " friend.  A good cook in this position can help with staff morale and gossip control if you coach her to realize that she is in and out of every classroom in the building several times each day and that it is her job to "leave staff members better than they were when she entered their classrooms" instead of contributing to a teacher's bad mood or participating in gossip. I put it to my cook this way: "Imagine that each classroom is field. Are you going to step in a cow patty and track it all over the school, or pick some wildflowers and point out the sunshine and birdsong?"
Other duties she can take off your plate include ordering food, paper products and cleaning supplies; overseeing cooking projects in the classrooms (giving them the supplies and making sure they do the projects!) You also need your cook to be able and wiling to jump in and help out wherever she is needed at a moment's notice. Hint: Add these notes to your interview file for easy reference the next time you need to hire a cook. And if your present cook is spreading pessimism and gossip you need to counsel her once and then let her go if you do not see immediate change. Too many times in child care centers directors fail to see the position of their cook in terms of what it could be. Unfortunately they are also blind to what is really going on. S/he is in and out of every classroom several times each day interacting with staff. What do those interactions consist of?

X) Parent Need to Be Reminded of the Services You Offer - Don't assume that your new enrollees r even your current customers know everything your center had to offer. They need reminders! Blurbs on your newsletters, periodic handouts, vendor presentations, "welcome" letters for new classrooms or departments as the children move up, are all great ways to keep parents informed and reminded about all of the extra services (big and small) you offer.

True Story: Sadie had been enrolled at the child care center since she was an infant.  At age 3 ½ she began taking dance lessons at a dance school 15 miles from the child care center. Everyone dreaded Sadie's dance lesson days! Mom would make several frantic phone calls to the child care center saying, "Feed her early!" or "We're late, but don't let her fall asleep!" And then there was the horrible day when Sadie got ravioli on her tutu! (shudder) Finally the assistant director asked, "I'm curious. Why don't you have Sadie take her ballet lessons here with us on Wednesday mornings?" Sadie's mother looked at the assistant director like she was crazy and asked incredulously, "You offer dance lessons?" The assistant director reached into the display rack right there in the lobby and handed Sadie's mom a brochure. The same brochure mom had passed twice a day, every day, for three years.  

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Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex                                       $3,280,000

Prestigious Child Care Center For Sale! This Licensed Child Care Center is located in a thriving upscale bedroom community, has an excellent reputation with limited competition within a 5 mile radius. The center is licensed to serve more than 250 children operating Monday-Friday, 6:00am to 6:30pm. This year-round program offers educational day care services for infants, toddlers, pre-kindergarten and school-age including before-and-after school care and summer programs. The state-of-the-art facility is over 10,000 square feet is in impeccable condition and well-equipped. The current operation and qualified staff allow for minimal involvement from the owner.

See you next month with more new and exciting ideas and information!

Staff News Header

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Staff Handout "Trick of the Trade: Toy Rotation"


 Dear Teacher, 


I am not built to

sit still,

keep my hands to myself,

take turns,
be patient, stand in line,

or keep quiet


I need:



your enthusiasm

and understanding

as I

engage the world

with my whole body.

learn thru play.


Our Favorite Pins from Pinterest this month:

*Need to clean your tables? Here's a way to get students to join the cleaning fun. Give each child an ice cube with a little dishwashing liquid on one side. Have the child place the ice cube soap-side down on a table and rub it around to mix the soap and melting ice together. Once all the ice has melted, simply wipe each table with a damp sponge. theeducationcenter.com


*Finger Twister - make small Twister board using sticky dots and a small piece of cardboard. Add a colored die. Place a different finger on the new color with each roll.

*Kid's Yoga - There are several pins about yoga for kids. It's a great way to start the afternoon!

*Mouse Hole Roll - Place a box upside down against a wall and cut two or thee arched holes. Decorate as you like. Provide a few small wiffle golfballs or other suitable balls for the children to roll into the holes.

*Grab two dice and a piece of paper with the numbers two through twelve written on it. Roll the dice, count all the dots, and circle each number until you've rolled them all. For younger children use only 1 thru 6 and numbered die instead of a dotted one.

*The only things you need for this game are two players, paper, and a pencil, so it's great when you're waiting somewhere. It's like the rock paper scissors game except we say, "Rock, paper, number!" and each player holds up as many fingers as they want. Then we count all the fingers and point to the correct number written on the sheet of paper. (You could also practice writing the number together.)

*Put simple paper cutouts numbered one through six on the floor. (I cut them into different shapes from different colored paper so we could review shapes and colors at the same time. Plus it's easier to give clues if they're not sure of a number.) To play the game, the child rolls a die, counts the dots, and stands on the corresponding number.

Parent News logo

Dear Parents,

As you say good-bye to summer you might want to do a little de-cluttering in your home. We would love to help you out by taking some of the following items off your hands!

*character beach towels for our reading centers

*sand and beach toys for our sensory play tables

*beach balls for day brighteners when we are stuck inside next February

*pool noodles - We can make so many fun learning games and art activities with these!

We always need:
*plastic bags (for dirty diaper disposal and also for soiled clothing)
*arts & crafts supplies leftovers
*pretty dresses and blouses, men's jackets and shirts for dress-up play
*gently used clothing your children have outgrown (for potty "accidents")
*gently used toys for toy rotation and center props in the classrooms. (Note: We usually donate toys to a classroom other than your child's so their are no issues.)
*gently used books.
*any paper with one blank side (for Free Art drawing and office play)
Thank you!



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