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The Super Seven
of Supervision


Summer is the perfect time to remind your staff about the importance of proper supervision. Even seasoned "veterans" of child care need a refresher and reminder from time to time. People fall into the trap of thinking that because they truly care about the children in their care and would never purposely do anything to harm them or place them in danger, the children are safe while in their care. We get comfortable, we slack off just a little bit... and suddenly our world is turned upside down because a child is hurt or placed in a dangerous situation.

We work in a world of apple juice and graham crackers, playgrounds and nap times, time-outs and "I'm sorry's," as well as the magical "do over." But if you or a member of your staff fail to provide proper supervision - or if you are even accused of it - you will find yourself suddenly yanked into a world where "I'm sorry" doesn't matter and there are no "do overs!" If a child is hurt or placed in a dangerous situation, it is just too late.   

Supervision is basic to

the prevention of harm.

Adults who pay attention to and who understand young children's behaviors are in the best position to  safeguard their well-being.

The point of proper supervision is to keep children safe. Safe from physical injury. Safe from emotional or psychological injury (such as bullies or sex play), and to keep you, your center and your employees safe from litigation.

Because of the profession you have chosen, it goes without saying g that you do not want children to get hurt or harmed in any way - especially while they are in your care. Some people have the attitude: "Children fall down. Children wander. Children get hurt. Kids are sometimes mean to one another. It happens! It's part of being a kid." It my be "part of being a kid," but only while they are at home - NOT while they are at the child care center.

"Child Care Accidents" is a relatively new area of specialty for attorneys. Think about that. We are right there along with drug companies, bankruptcy, eighteen wheelers and car accidents!

The fact is that when an accusation comes down to your word against someone else's, you will lose. You and your staff need to become vigilant about preventing these situations in the first place.

Additionally, if a lawsuit does occur, you and/or a member of your staff could be legally labeled as a perpetrator of abuse or neglect against children and that label will follow for the rest of your life. You will not be allowed to work with young children in any capacity - not in child care, public education, private education, health care, nothing. AND you probably will not even be allowed to accompany your own child on school field trips with his class. Worst of all you will have a major strike against you if you are ever involved in any type of custody battle regarding your own children. 

The difference between

supervision policy and what is really going on in your Center

                     is a source of major liability. 

Take a look at "The Supervision Song for Staff" featured in the right sidebar of this month's newsletter. The message to the teacher is: "Your eyes should always be on the kids. Your ears should always be able to hear the kids. Your back should never be toward any child.

Your feet should be moving you around the classroom or playground checking to see what each child is doing. No chit-chat with other adults. No cell phones for any reason, not even to check the time. It's just too much of a temptation!"

"Count the kids" also includes performing a Name/Face Check before & after every transition and even periodically in the classroom throughout the day. That's Super Supervision! "


Click here to order your copy of

The Super Seven of Supervision for only $79

Once you purchase this module you can use it however you wish and as often as you like forever! Some directors like to lead small groups and go through the information together, while others prefer to check the module out to individual members of their staff one at a time. And some use both methods! However you choose to use it, the module includes a blank certificate  that you can copy for every member of your staff with no additional future cost to you.   


Our Super Seven of Supervision Self-Study Training Module will train you and your staff to:

  • Know the Definition of Supervision
  • Practice Active Supervision
  • Fulfill Caregiver Responsibilities
  • How to Conduct a Name/Face Check
  • Take Advantage of In/Out Logs
  • Prevent the Number One Cause of Death in Child Care Centers
  • Provide Proper Supervision on Playgrounds and Field Trips
  • and more!



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*Please note: dates and locations are subject to change


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 download this

 month's Staff Handout

"It Only Takes A


While you're in the Document Center, you may also want to download

"The Supervision Song,"

"Simple Summer Exercise,"


"How to Conduct a Name/Face Check."


Supervision Song

for Staff 

(tune: "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes")
Eyes, ears, back & feet-
Count the kids!
Eyes, ears, back & feet-
Count the kids!
No chit-chat and
No cell phones!
Eyes, ears, back & feet-
Count the kids! 



Our Favorite Father's Day Ideas from Pinterest:

*A child's handprint on a real baseball. (Don't use washable ink.)Use a Sharpie to write the year and "Happy Father's Day" on the opposite side of the ball.

*Individual snapshots of Toddlers wearing a man's dress shirt & tie while holding the letters D-A-D.


*Wrap a can of soda in a label that reads "Best Pop Ever!" that the child colored with Sharpie markers.

*A medium sized rock with small pieces of tissue paper mod-lodged all over and the phrase "My Dad Rocks!" painted on after it dries.

*A blob of homemade play dough or air dry clay with "DAD ROCKS" written by smashing small smooth pebbles into it.

*A "King for the Day" paper crown.


*A frame made from tongue depressors with a few nuts and bolts randomly glue on with craft glue. Glue a photo of the child or a handwritten note from the child on back to fill the frame. Add yarn for hanging.

*If you like printables, go to  

The Mailbox website for lots of Father's Day downloads, too!  

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Parent News logo 

Use your Parent Newsletter to promote activities for family fun and time away from the television and other screens.

*Catch fireflies in a jar. Observe them for awhile,then release.

*Break open a glow stick and add the contents to a small bottle of bubble solution for glow in the dusk bubbles!

*Lower the net to child level and use a beach ball to play volleyball!

*Use fat colorful sticks of sidewalk chalk to practice writing shapes, number and letters - or to make

a simple hopscotch grid to improve brain/body connection!

Yes, you'll be hot & sweaty, then go inside for bath time and a storybook or two. Your children will sleep better and might just fall asleep a little earlier than usual!



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See you next month with more new and exciting ideas and information!





















For information visit www.thechildcareconsultinggroup.com or call 972-979-0282

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